Siamak Haghparast, aka Hashem, became a refugee from Turkey in 2003٫ After purchasing a rope to kill himself, he had a supernatural encounter with Jesus. He gives his heart to Him. Jesus spoke to him and told him to go back to his country and share the Gospel with his people. Siamak returned to Iran and established several home-based churches to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. In 2006, Siamak was in a high point of his struggles. He asked God to give him His vision and show him his calling. After months of prayer and fasting, God Spoke to Siamak, asking him what he wants from Him. Without a doubt, he asked God to give him a 24-hour multi-language TV station to share the Gospel with all nations. God told him that He would give it to him. Siamak laughed and asked God, “I do not even have a bicycle, then how will you do that?” God spoke to Siamak very clearly and he accepted His trust for providing the TV station. In 2007, the Iranian government found out about Siamak’s Christian ministry and they arrested his friends and some family members. Supernaturally, Siamak escaped from Iran into Turkey. Back in Iran, the government ordered his arrest and sentenced him to be hanged. After a few months, Siamak’s friends and family were released from jail due to interference with international pressures regarding the issue.

Siamak did not have any knowledge of computers but he believed that God had called him to set up the TV station. He started to learn technical aspects of computers and the internet. He started a radio program through the internet and shared the Gospel with Iranians, Afghanistanians and Tagikestanian.

He continued to use the radio program for three years while taking refuge in Turkey.

While Siamak was in Turkey, he was a guest for an Iranian television channel called Mohabat.While in America, he continued to participate in television programs. In 2012, Channel 7, an Iranian Christian ministry, was created and Siamak joined this ministry. He became a TV show host,one of the Preacher and leaders in church 7,TV production manager, a director behind the camera and a producer.

In December of 2016, God spoke to Siamak and told him that his work was done with Channel 7 and that he needed to quit. Everyone was shocked to see Siamak giving his resignation. However, he was obedient to what the Father asked him as Abraham did the same when God asked him to leave his country, not knowing where he was going. God told Siamak that he has prepared him for such a time as this and now is the time He is giving him what He has promised him 13 years ago, which was to have his own 24-hour multilingual TV Station and reached to every corner of the world. God is good. In 2017, Siamak started the ministry, UEL TV, which means Desperate for God. The ministry is translated in Farsi, English, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.
In 2018 We started the first Media studio in Dallas,TX.
After that In 2019 God opened the doors for UEL Ministries and we stared the TV network channel,radio and second media studio in Europe.
Siamak believes that God is with him and will provide for the ministry to reach out to all countries with different languages and establish many churches around the world to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ones who are hungry for God. This is God’s vision and His heart for all people to know Him and have a relationship with Him. We invite you to join us in this great move of God to unite everyone with the Father. We give God the Glory. He is worthy of all praise.