Our service is for evangelism among Muslims and Jews and people in the Middle East, especially Persian speaking in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan
The spread of Christianity among Persian speakers has made Iran the number one Christian in the world and the number two in Afghanistan.
Since the growth of Christianity and spiritual awakening in these countries is enormous, persecution on the part of believers and the church has also intensified.
And even churches in these countries have been shut down by the government, and many home church leaders are either in jail or wanted
Millions of new believers are thirsty for teaching the Word of God and spreading the Kingdom of God, and many go to small home churches, but the best way to educate the church is through social media and television.
Therefore, Uel Ministry, a non-profit organization, has created the Christian Satellite TV network with educational and evangelical programs In the Middle East, Europe and North Africa to spread the kingdom of God among Muslims and Jews
We are pleased to be able to work with you and use the teaching of your weekly massage to grow the church and the believers
We can translate or Dubbing your TV programs into Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Turkish, Azeri and Kurdish and broadcast on the Uel satellite network
We would be happy to be able to do the Lord’s work along this path together.

Translation – Dubbing – Subtitling
UEL Ministries’ staff and supporters are experienced in a variety of translations and able to create mix-recordings for post production needs.

Our native speaking staff are experts in communicating and translation of English to Farsi, Arabic, Russian and from English to Farsi as well.

UEL can convert and mix recordings for film production by re-voicing actors according to the dialogue in one of our specified languages for foreign viewers to understand.

UEL staff can convert the screenplay, script or content of the video into text and incorporate that into a scrolling portion of the video to provide more information or captions for the viewer